Airfield information

No landing fees.

Old Warden and the Shuttleworth Collection is a private, unlicensed aerodrome, situated in a rural area. The airfield is not inspected daily and the manoeuvring area is uneven, so please exercise caution.

Runway 03/21 is available to visiting aircraft. Please note that all other runways may be in use by resident aircraft and must be kept clear.

All pilots use the aerodrome at their own risk and must PPR on 01767 627901 (you can still also use 01767 627927). If your journey originates from outside of the UK your GAR reference number will be requested when you PPR. For information on obtaining this please see the ‘GAR information’ section below. You are required to read and accept the pilot terms and conditions for using this airfield.

Please check information on Old Warden Aerodrome with NATS Aeronautical Information Service 

Current Airfield status

The runways are now firm. After prolonged rain there may be patches of standing water and softer areas on the taxiways.

Last inspected 19/5/2016.

Map of Aircraft parking on non-event days.

Please Note the airfield is used entirely at the aircraft commander’s risk.

Weather Display


View the live weather display (opens in a new window and requires Flash).

The weather data is provided by secondary equipment which is not calibrated regularly; the cloud base is calculated and not measured. No critical decisions should be made based upon the information provided.

Important information

From the 1 January 2015 all landing fees for visiting aircraft have been abolished! Please note however, that on event days only, whilst there is no landing fee the normal event entrance fee will be applicable to each occupant.


Communication frequency: 130.700 MHz. Pilots are requested to make standard RT calls when no air traffic service is provided

Runway: 03/21

Circuit direction: 21 – Left Hand, 03 – Right Hand

Circuit height: 800 feet

Aerodrome elevation: 110ft AMSL

All aircraft are to make a standard overhead join and visual circuit to permit any model aircraft flying to cease.

Please do not overfly the local towns and villages, carry out deliberate ‘touch and goes’ or multiple circuits/landings.

Information for pilots about Project Pegasus Aviation Vigilance regarding looking out for and reporting unusual activity.

GAR information

General aviation operators and pilots notification of flights

Runway information

Runway 03: TORA/TODA – 518m. ASDA 608m. LDA 518m.

Runway 03 has a marked down slope, reducing the effective landing distance. Please keep a look out for other aircraft at all times. The starter extension south of College Drive is not available to visiting pilots. Trees infringe the take-off slope for Runway 03.

Runway 21: TORA/TODA/ASDA – 625m*. LDA 518m.

Trees infringe the approach slope to Runway 21. High-sided vehicles often use College Drive, which is a private road. The approach to Runway 21 is over a public road.

Please note runway extensions 03X & 21X are only available on certain event days. Positive confirmation of their availablilty must be obtained from the ATS on the OW Frequency, or by calling 01767 627563 prior to use.

When available the following distances apply:

Runway 03X: TORA/TODA – 692m. ASDA 782m. LDA 692m.

Runway 21X: TORA/TODA/ASDA – 799m*. LDA 692m.

*Includes a starter extension of 107m.


Fuel is available on event days with prior arrangement. In late 2016 we anticipate being able to offer a pay-as-you go fuel system during site opening hours.


Vacate to the north-west as soon as possible, unless advised by air traffic. Please don’t back-track the runway. Use the mown taxiways. Exercise caution when taxiing in case of surface damage by animals.

Please only park adjacent to the fence line between the control tower and the fuel pumps, leaving the latter clear. When this area is full, please park along the fence line to the south of the tower only, giving due regard to any model aircraft activity. All runways may be in use by resident aircraft  therefore, please ensure you are parked well clear of all runways.

Please book in at the visitor centre, or at the base of the tower (on display days only).

Daytime parking is free of charge.  Overnight parking is charged at £10 per night (Check for availability when requesting PPR).

Air traffic

Air Traffic Service is normally only manned on display days and occasional events. Primary aerodrome flight information service (call sign – Old Warden information).

Secondary radio service (call sign – Old Warden radio).

Low flying/aerobatics

Low flying and/or aerobatics are not to be carried out within 3Nm of the airfield.


For all hangarage enquiries, please contact Juliette Paxton by email: or call 01767 627933 (9.00-17.00, Monday-Friday)



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