Airfield Status

Welcome to Old Warden and the Shuttleworth Collection

This is a private unlicensed aerodrome. The airfield is not inspected each day and pilots use the aerodrome at their own risk. PPR at all times.

The surface markings are diminished, but the runway and taxyways are delineated by grass length. After landing, please do not back-track the runway, to avoid surface damage; vacate to the North West, prior to parking.

The manoeuvring area is uneven. Exercise caution. Please note that although runway 03/21 only, is available to visiting aircraft, all other runways may be in use by resident aircraft and must therefore be kept clear at all times. Please only park adjacent to the fence line, to the South or to the West of the tower, giving due regard for model aircraft activity

The airfield may be closed at short notice for various reasons. Due notice will be given at the time of your PPR call.

Please PPR at all times - Tel 01767 627927

May 2014