1936 Miles Falcon

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Built in March 1936 the aircraft (configured from new as a 3 seater like the Flacoln 6) was re-registered SE-AFN later that year and delivered to Sweden. Here it was used as an air taxi until the war before it was used by the Swedish air force in 1940, where it served in various units as a liasion aircraft until sold in 1944. It returned to its former use until it was sold to a private owner.

Flown to England in 1961 for an overhaul it was bought by Doug Bianchi, of Personal Plane services, and assumed its original pre-war registration, G-AEEG. In 1964 Edward Eves acquired the aircraft, in exchange for his vintage Alfa Romeo sports car, and restored it to airworthiness. It was then flown to victory in the 1979 Kings Cup Air Races by Dr Ian Dalziel.

This aircraft was bought by Tim Moore, Skysport Engineering, in 1989, completely dismantled and beautifully restored over a 4 year period. It was then acquired by its present owner, Peter Holloway, on 5 July 2001. It arrived with his Miles Magister at Old Warden during the 2001 display season.


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