The Aircraft Collection

Do they really still fly?

Shuttleworth has never been a museum of static exhibits but a living, working collection. It’s also a world-class vintage air display venue and depends on the historic aircraft here being maintained in flying condition. Our engineers and volunteers take on that challenge, while our pilots have to learn how to fly aircraft designed in the earlier periods of aviation development.

The aircraft here span a period from the early pioneers of aviation to the 1950s and include the oldest aircraft still flying and the oldest British aircraft still flying. Some of the aircraft here are now over 100 years old! Designed originally for a whole range of purposes, from fighting the enemy in the two world wars to breaking world records, they have all contributed to pushing the boundaries of aircraft design.

Why keep them flying?

Nothing compares to watching these aircraft in the air, hearing the sound of their engines, and smelling the castor oil in the air!

See them in action at our vintage air displays from May-October.

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