Airfield information

Please note: Only ticket holders our Family Airshow will have access to the Shuttleworth site on Sunday 4 August. Tickets will be available on the gate.

Richard Shuttleworth first landed at Old Warden, the field and surrounds cleared of obstructive trees, on 26th September 1932 – the day Old Warden aerodrome was born!

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No landing fees.

Please note: From the 1 of December 2018, Old Warden’s radio frequency will change to 130.705

Pay at the pumps fuel UL 91 and 100LL available during site open hours. Pumps accept all major credit and debit cards.

Current price:

100LL = £1.80 per litre

UL91 = £1.85 per litre

Old Warden and the Shuttleworth Collection is a private, unlicensed aerodrome, situated in a rural area. The airfield is not inspected daily and the manoeuvring area is uneven, so please exercise caution.

Runway 03/21 is available to visiting aircraft. Please note that all other runways may be in use by resident aircraft and must be kept clear.

All pilots use the aerodrome at their own risk and must PPR on 01767 627901 (you can still also use 01767 627927). If your journey originates from outside of the UK your GAR reference number will be requested when you PPR. For information on obtaining this please see the ‘GAR information’ section below. You are required to read and accept the pilot terms and conditions for using this airfield.

Please check information on Old Warden Aerodrome with NATS Aeronautical Information Service 

Current Airfield status

Fuel is available from the self-service fuel pumps.

The all airfield surfaces are firm.

The area around the fuel pumps has recently had land drains installed. The narrow back filled trenches that remain may contain softer soil, stone chippings or undulations until the grass grows back through, see the attached airfield image. We suggest you avoid this area unless fuel is required. If you cross the drains do so with caution and at an angle, one wheel at a time.

Confine all maneuvering to the mown runways and taxiways.

The attached airfield image also shows aircraft parking locations and other information.

Download the Drainage Works PDF for the map.

The runways remain firm as is the majority airfield. All surfaces are slippery with occasional soft patches and puddles on the taxiways, especially after a wet period.

Confine all manoeuvring to the mown runways and taxiways.

A satellite image of the airfield with parking and additional information can be downloaded here.

Old Warden Airfield weather


Warning: This information is produced by an automated weather station. The accuracy of the information generated cannot be guaranteed.


Hangarage available, click here for more information. For enquiries please email