Welcome to Project Blériot

The Shuttleworth Collection Online Library and Archive Catalogue

The online catalogue (Blériot) is a major addition to the Archive Research Service. It contains in excess of ten thousand records of books, letters and photographic material; this is the first phase of the project and is concerned with prime sources. This means that folders containing correspondence or photographs are only identified by their titles and a brief description of their contents. Currently these folders are being catalogued in depth but this information will not be available online in the near future. Queries relating to their contents will continue to be processed via the Archive Research Service.

Browsing Blériot is a free service; its purpose is to enable researchers to be aware of the Shuttleworth Collection’s rich information assets. It is targeted at:

  • Members of the Public with general aviation information enquiries.
  • Those with specific technical or historical aviation information inquiries including:
    • Researchers undertaking major projects
    • Academic researchers
    • Aviation and Military Museums
  • Members of SVAS and Shuttleworth Collection staff

Blériot is linked to the Archive Research Service to enable more detailed inquiries to be answered by the Library and Archive staff as has been the case for some years. There is a Request further information link in the Database Lookup/View Details screen which takes you to the Archive Research Service.

We hope you will find browsing Blériot to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Blériot has been designed around an intuitive search engine but the following notes may be of help.

  • The Group and Order by dropdown tables enable you to refine your search and to arrange the sequence in which your results are to be presented; eg Title Spitfire, Group Pilot’s Notes, Order by Pub[lished] Year ASC[ending].
  • The search format for titles is title; Do NOT include the indefinite articles a, an or the definite article the.
  • The search format for authors is surname, initial(s). There are no spaces between initials; eg Thetford, O or thetford, og; names are not case sensitive. Do NOT forget the comma separating the surname from the initial(s); however initials are not mandatory in the search argument.
  • Records per page should be selected after your search has been completed; eg search for all books published by Putnam: Publisher Putnam, Group All, Order by Title A-Z, Search; then choose Records per page: 50. This will give a three page report which may be printed (see below).
  • Groups 13 & 14 titles assume that these are APs (Air Publications) and only the AP number is shown.
  • Search results may be printed via your internet browser using the Ctrl+P command.

This is Phase 1 of the Project and whilst we have endeavoured fully to check and test the application we cannot guarantee that it is free from error. Should you have any queries, feedback or suggestions for improvements please email the Library Team on library@shuttleworth.org

Please see General Archive Research Service information or browse Blériot (below).