1938 A. J. Hodge Tandem

Albert J. (Pop) Hodge (b.1877; d.1966) manufactured ‘Holly’ racingcycles and tandems from 1905. He had shops in Wood Green and Tottenham, London, where he was based until 1924. From 1933 to 1966 he was based in Luton where he was a very popular cycle builder.
Hodge is said to have inspired the likes of Maurice Selbach and Claud Butler with ideas such as tapered stays, steeper frame angles, wing nuts and fully brazed seat clusters.

In the 1920s and 1930s his cycles were used by many North London clubmen, such as Leon Meredith, with considerable success in time trials and road records. During this period he also had close connections with the phonograph and gramophone industry. Tandems were hugely popular in the 1930s as a means for couples to get out and enjoy cycling
and the countryside before motor cars became affordable.

The Collection’s exhibit

It is rare to find a 1930s tandem in such good condition. This machine was originally painted white but was fully refurbished by Hodge in 1953 and has been in the same ownership ever since.

The Resilion front brake is a 1930s original while the GB Hiduminium rear brake is a 1950s replacement. It seems as if the Simplex derailleur was also fitted in the refurbishment to replace an earlier Simplex model, no doubt to upgrade from three to four gears.
When donated this tandem was in such good condition that it was ready to ride and only needed minor adjustment.

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