1938 Jagrose Lightweight

Jagrose was the trading name of James Grose Ltd., a company that could trace its roots back to 1876. In the late 1930s its principal address was at 379-381 Euston Road, London NW1, with other stores off Cheapside and Holloway Road. The company specialised in cycles, cycle accessories, touring and camping gear, and related clothing. They did a lot of business by mail order.

For 1938 the Jagrose lightweight was almost unbelievable value. It was one of the cheapest lightweights around yet had a high specification including chrome molybdenum tubing, brazed on pump clips and mudguard eyes, and was presented complete with Brooks tool bag and Bluemels pump marked ‘Jagrose’. It is not clear who made the machines for Jagrose. One possible manufacturer that has been suggested is the Sun Cycle Co.

The Collection’s exhibit

This exhibit is in good original order and nicely presented. It is fitted with highly desirable ‘Resilion’ cantilever brakes and comes with its original Jagrose pump. It may be noted that the frame has chrome fork ends and stays which is a feature that was continued on many lightweights well into the 1970s. The frame has simple cutaway fishtail lugs and is painted in a refreshing tone of green.

The weight of this bicycle is exceedingly good for its time at about two-thirds the weight of a roadster bicycle and competitive even with a mass-produced sports model of the present day.

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