1947 Mercury Industries Military Bicycle

Mercury military bicycles were not used during WW2 (Mercury Industries was formed in 1946), but are the same specification as the BSA Mark V and officially known as ‘Bicycle, Trade Pattern, Heavy Duty.’ Many were used on airfields. The British Army was busy after WW2, with a lot of post-war work in Europe, supporting the US Army, campaigns in India, Palestine, Africa, Malaya, Suez, etc., and these bicycles saw military service.

As a cycle manufacturing company, Mercury Industries (Birmingham) Ltd was very different from its competitors. The retail home market was not its priority. Instead, Mercury was established to provide exports and fulfil ministry contracts. The company had premises in Stratford Rd, Birmingham, and was trading as the Mercury Cycle Company.

Without direct public sales during its years of bicycle manufacture, Mercury Industries did not advertise until around 1952 when it became involved with Cyclemasters and, subsequently, scooters. Its scooters were totally misconceived, and this led directly to the collapse of the company and liquidation, in 1958.

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Donated to the Collection sometime after 1976.

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