1950’s Phillips Tradesman’s Bicycle

Phillips Cycles Ltd. was a British cycle manufacturer based in Smethwick near Birmingham, England. Its history began early in the 20th century and ended in the 1980s by which time it had become part of Raleigh Industries, itself a part of the Tube Investments group. For a number of years, the company was the second-largest bicycle producer in Britain, after Raleigh. The company motto, which was carried on all its badges, was “Renowned the World Over”.

Phillips was one of the giants of the industry marketing cheap mass-produced bicycles. The company produced millions of bicycles, many of which were exported, and also manufactured several mopeds. The “Phillips” brand is still used around the world, especially in China and the Far East, having been licensed by Raleigh.

The Collection’s exhibit

Phillips produced a variety of different carrier cycles which broadly break down into two bicycle types: the Tradesman’s with equal-sized wheels and the Low Gravity with a smaller front wheel for heavier loads. This machine in the Collection is a Tradesman’s with equal-sized wheels.

This example has an advertising plate for W. Jordan & Son of Biggleswade, so it is very much a local machine. Since it is not a Low Gravity machine it would not have been used to deliver sacks of grain. Most likely it was used for local deliveries of flour to bakers and households.

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