1936 Aeronca C-3 ‘Collegian’

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Initially registered as N17424, serial number A-734 in the USA then de-registered in 1948 after the death its owner, this aeroplane subsequently had another couple of American owners but remained stored.

It never flew again in America before it was sold, in 1989, to Dudley Morgan in the UK, who hoped to restore it and a similar Aeronca C-3 Master to airworthiness. He sold the two projects separately before completion and this machine ended up in 1996 with Steve Rudkin, a volunteer aircraft handler at Old Warden, who intended to complete the restoration. Various other commitments delayed Steve’s project until, while searching for new crankshaft for his Hawker Cygnet’s engine (the same design, built under licence by JAP in England, as that in the Aeronca) Colin Essex discovered the C-3 and a deal was done for Colin and his brother Mark to buy the aeroplane and finally complete the restoration, which they did by mid-2014.

Its permit to fly was issued in October 2015

Visit the owner’s website: www.colinessex.com


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