1904 Aurora

The Aurora Motor Manufacturing Company was established in Coventry in 1902 by Swiss national Charles Bourquin. The company produced a number of machines, utilising engines from many manufacturers, including MMC, Coronet and Condor, as well as their own design 250cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke.

How many Aurora machines were made is unknown; Borquin closing the business after three years when, it is alleged, he absconded with monies and goods owned by the company and others and was not heard of again.

A totally different Aurora motorcycle, using a two-stroke Dalm engine, was built on the Isle of Man between 1919 and 1921.



The machine is very basic, fitted with Aurora’s own single-cylinder engine and with no brakes, clutch or suspension. It is thought that at some time in its life it was of more upright design and was modified with lower profile for racing, or perhaps as a pace-machine for cycles.

Experts from the Coventry Transport Museum have examined the machine and believe it to be the last surviving Coventry-built Aurora.

The machine has been put into running order by Shuttleworth volunteers, who describe it as being ‘extremely exciting to ride’.



Manufacturer: Aurora Motor Manufacturing Co., Norfolk Street, Coventry, England.

Model: Single, belt-drive

Engine: 250cc single-cylinder, four-stroke with poppet inlet valve and mechanical exhaust valve

Top Speed: Unknown