1935 Austin Seven Ruby

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The Ruby was the last model of the highly successful Austin Seven range that began in 1923 as Herbert Austin sought to ‘put Britain on wheels’ and to save his beleaguered company that had gone into receivership a year earlier. Announced in 1934 the Ruby was to be produced in quantity until the advent of the Second World War caused motor manufacturers to turn their attentions to matters of national importance.

Based around the same ‘A’ frame chassis and 747cc engine of previous models of the Seven (excluding the few made in the first year that had 696cc engines, and a chassis lengthened by 6ins in 1931) the Ruby was no more than a subtle evolution of the original design, with more rounded styling to its two-door, four-seat, saloon body, enclosed radiator and the spare wheel under a cover on the tail. A Pearl cabriolet and an Opal two-seater were also produced.

The Seven was to cease production in 1939 but it was to have an effect that would continue well after 1945. Before the war William Lyons, a sidecar maker from Blackpool, was making special sporting versions under the Swallow name, and post war his company was to materialise as Jaguar.

Shuttleworth’s Seven was built in 1935. It differs from other baby Austins in the Collection as it is a saloon. It was purchased at the 1935 November Motor Show by a Mr Ring, from Romford, bought from him by Mr S Cooper in early 1960 and finally passed to his son Edward (Ted) Cooper in 1970.

Its overall condition is excellent, having been stored under cover since the early 1970’s. A general spruce up, minor mechanical repairs to the engine followed by a respray in original colours, was all that was required and this was carried out at Old Warden by Vehicle Collection volunteers.

Ted Cooper generously donated this car to the Shuttleworth Collection in 2007.



Manufacturer: Austin Motor Co Ltd., Longbridge, England
Model: Seven Ruby Saloon
Engine: 747cc, four-cylinder, side-valve
Top Speed: 50 mph

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