1918 Avro 504K

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Built in 1918 as a K variant, this aircraft was one of those converted to a radial engined 504N while in RAF service. Later it passed into civilian ownership and was registered as G-ADEV. In 1940 it was impressed into military service and took part in glider towing experiments. After WWII it was returned to civilian use and converted back to K specification by Avro apprentices for the film Reach for the Sky – and then donated to Shuttleworth.

As part of the continuing maintenance programme at Old Warden the aircraft was completely overhauled during 2010 and since March 2011 has been presented in the night fighter configuration of a 77 Squadron machine based at East Lothian in late 1918.

The Collection’s 504 served in World War Two towing gliders used for trials of radar installations.



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Robbie Coltrane’s Plane’s & Automobiles – The Jet Engine Part (1997, C4). 1:59 Link to Youtube Clip below. Presenter Robbie Coltrane.

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