1910 Avro Triplane

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This machine was built by the Hampshire Aeroplane Club at Eastleigh, Southampton for the film, Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines (1965). In the film the aircraft comes to grief in a railway tunnel in France. In reality this sequence was filmed close to Old Warden! It is powered by an upright 4 cylinder inline Cirrus Hermes engine which is of a similar configuration to the original’s 35hp Green.

The Shuttleworth Collection was closely involved with the making of the film and as this reproduction is largely true to the original, of considerable technical interest and an impressive flyer, the Trustees decided in 1966 that it was worth acquiring. Like other Collection aircraft of its era it is flown sedately and only in calm weather. There is an original, earlier type, Roe Triplane in the Science Museum.



Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines (1965, Ken Annakin, UK).

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