1870 Barouche Town Carriage

The Collection’s exhibit

The name ‘Barouche’ is dervived from the Latin biritus, meaning two wheeled, and eventually developed into a four wheeled vehicle. It followed the lines of a coach but had a folding hood at the rear. Passengers nromally faced the direction of travel, with occasional seats in the forepart on which two people could sit vis-a-vis. It was driven by a coachman with the second being occupied by a groom.
The Collection’s exhibit

This carriage has fold down steps to enter, the design helping to prevent the steps getting dirty during travel. This carriage was driven by Colonel Frank Shuttleworth in ‘four-in’hand’ competitions.

It was used at the wedding of Richard Shuttleworth’s parents, Dorothy Clotilda Lang and Frank Shuttleworth, and grandparents Joseph Shuttleworth and Sarah Grace Clayton.

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