1917 Bristol F2.b

The Collection’s exhibit

This aircraft was built in 1918 and saw no operational wartime service. However, it did serve with No 208 Squadron based in Turkey in 1923.

Its remains were acquired in 1936 by Captain C P B Ogilvie who intended to restore it to flying condition on the civil register but failed to complete the project.

It therefore finally fell to the Bristol Aeroplane Company to restore the aeroplane and it subsequently flew again in 1951 having been entrusted to the care of the Shuttleworth Collection. After twenty-eight years with the Collection, the engine and airframe underwent a complete refurbishment during 1980-82. In 1992 the engine (the oldest working Rolls-Royce aero engine in the world) was replaced by an overhauled unit. The original was rebuilt and is kept as a fully working spare.

The Collection’s Bristol Fighter is the only airworthy original example in Europe.

In 2015 this aircraft took part in a unique mid-air formation with a 208(R) Sqn Royal Air Force’s modern day BAE Hawk T1.

Watch the video of the formation flight.


Scotland from the Sky (2017, BBC Scotland. Helen Straine, Production Manager) Presenter James Crawford

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