1929 Comper Swift

The Collection’s exhibit

The aeroplane was built in 1932 and registered in India as VT-ADO, before shipment to the Assam province on behalf of the owner, Alban Ali, who christened it ‘Scarlet Angel’.

In 1933, Ali planned to fly from Calcutta to Heston but, while en route to England, he entered the Viceroy’s air race at Delhi where the other competitors included Richard Shuttleworth (then a director of the Comper Aircraft Company). Ali flew the 700 mile course at an average speed of 124 mph to become the second fastest on the day. He then continued his flight to England but was forced to abandon the attempt at Abu Sueir in Egypt with engine failure. Consequently the aircraft was eventually brought by ship to England where it was purchased by George Errington and rebuilt with its current registration, G-ACTF.

The aircraft passed through a number of owners before its acquisition by the Shuttleworth Collection in 1996, where it underwent extensive restoration and was repainted in its 1933 colour scheme.


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