1910 Deperdussin

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This aircraft is an early example, believed to be the 43rd Deperdussin and built in 1910, it was used at Hendon until sold in damaged condition in 1914 to A E Grimmer who repaired and then flew it from the polo ground near Bedford.

When acquired by Richard Shuttleworth in 1936 it was in poor condition. The Deperdussin wings were re-covered with linen and stitched up by Richard Shuttleworth, his mother and sister on the billiard table in The House (home of the Shuttleworth family).

In 1937, it was renovated at Old Warden to fly again. Stored throughout WWII, on display days it can achieve straight hops.



Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines (1965, Ken Annakin, UK).

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