1955 Fauvel AV-36 Glider

The Collection’s exhibit

This is 33rd Fauvel, with a one piece wing, constructed by Wassmer in France (serial 133) in 1955. It was brought to England in 1972, where it received BGA (British Gliding Association) certification number BGA 1999. It had last flown in 1975 and was later bought by Ian Dunkley who intended to restore it, but instead put his efforts into a 2-seater Fauvel AV-22, which he took to New Zealand.

The Fauvel had been languishing in a barn for nearly 40 years before it was brought to Old Warden. It was then completely restored at Booker in 2014 by Graham Saw. It is highly aerobatic and can perform loops in just over its own body length.

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