1924 Hawker Cygnet (replica)

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The Hawker Cygnet was the only civil aircraft that Hawkers ever made. This aircraft G-EBJI was acquired by present owner and builder Colin Essex in 1993, as advertised in ‘Popular Flying’ magazine as an unfinished project. It consisted of an almost complete set of drawings, the registration number, unfinished rudder and tailplane (which has since been rebuilt) and some engineered parts i.e. flying surface hinges, bushes etc.

The registration G-EBJI was reserved by Hawkers in 1924 for a Hawker Hedgehog but was never taken up. As an original Bristol Cherub engine was unobtainable a 40hp JAP J99 was acquired minus magnetos and carburettor so was fitted with Leburg electronic ignition and a Sonex Aerocarb.

The Hawker Cygnet G-EBJI was constructed in the living room of the builder’s house in Coventry over the last 17 years. Construction work was completed in October 2009 when it was dismantled for covering and arrived at Old Warden on 15 April 2010. The maiden flight of this aircraft took place on the 20 July 2011.

It joined the Shuttleworth Collection’s own example, G-CAMM, makes an interesting spectacle at airshows

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