1934 Hawker Hind

The Collection’s exhibit

This aeroplane was one of a batch of 20 delivered to the Afghan Air Force in 1938 (8 new and 12 ex RAF), which are thought to have been in service until 1956. In 1968 one was offered to the RAF Museum and a second to the Shuttleworth Collection. The RAF Museum example was collected by an RAF Hercules, but the retrieval of the Collection’s specimen was only made possible through the initiative of Bill Collard, an SVAS member, who persuaded the senior management of the Ford Motor Company (where he was also a manager) to use the 6,000 mile journey as a pre-service shake down trial for a new model truck. With the considerable help of Vernon Maitland of Excelsior Coaches the retrieval was successfully completed in 1971.

After a 10 year restoration programme the Hind was flown again, in Afghan colours, by Dickie Martin on 17th August 1981. It was later repainted in 15 Squadron RAF colours and given the serial K5414.

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