Hawker Sea Hurricane 1B

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Z7015 was built by Canadian Car & Foundry and first flown on 18 January 1941. After being shipped to England it was issued to General Aircraft for conversion to Sea Hurricane IB standard. On 19 July, it was delivered to HMS Heron (RNAS Yeovilton), collected 29th July 1941 by 880 Squadron and went to the Orkney Isles. On 7 October the Squadron left to embark on HMS Indomitable but during transit Z7015 went unserviceable and was not embarked.

On 5 April 1942 the aircraft was delivered to David Rosenfield Ltd for repair. On December 7 it was delivered to the Naval Fighter School (759) Squadron at HMS Heron and by autumn 1943 had moved to Loughborough College as an instructional airframe.

In 1961 an attempt was made to make the Hurricane airworthy for the Battle of Britain film but the work involved was too great. In January 1986, the team that had restored Spitfire VC AR501 took on the task in a joint operation between the Shuttleworth Collection and the Imperial War Museum.

On 16 September 1995 Z7015 made a successful post restoration flight powered by what was, at the time, the world’s only operational Merlin III.

This is the last airworthy example of a Hawker Sea Hurricane 1B in the world, flying here regularly.

shuttleworth_discovery_sqsmall It is one of the four aircraft featured in the Shuttleworth Discovery app


Pearl Harbour (2001) Director Michael Bay

Battle of Britain (1969, Dir Guy Hamilton)

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