1912 Ford Model T Tourer

The Collection’s exhibit

This car has a unique link to the Shuttleworth Collection in that it was owned locally from 1913 when it was sold to Albert Edward Grimmer, who ran the Flitt Motor Company in Church Street, Ampthill, who registered it for trade use for hire as a six seater hackney carriage.

Albert Grimmer was also a keen pioneering aeronautist and rescued the Collection’s 1909 Blériot and 1910 Deperdussin aeroplanes, eventually becoming a close friend of Richard Shuttleworth, who acquired both aeroplanes in 1935 from Grimmer, on the proviso he gave them a good home.

The Ford was eventually sold by Albert Grimmer in 1948, having been in his possession for nearly 70 years. The car is on long term loan from one of The Collection staff and remains in very original condition.

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