1903 Richard Brasier

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Shuttleworth’s fine example of the high-quality 24hp Richard-Brasier of 1903 found its way into the Collection in 1932 as a gift from the father of a fellow Army officer of Richard Shuttleworth.


A handwritten letter, dated February 1955, from Lt. Col. A D Taylor says the vehicle had been owned by his father, Capt. J V Taylor who had used it regularly until 1914. ‘It sat in our garage for many years until my brother, Maj. R V Taylor, brought Richard Shuttleworth – who was a fellow officer in the 16th/5th Lancers – to our house. When Mr Shuttleworth showed an interest in the car my father gave it to him’, he writes.


The short-lived Richard-Brasier company was a joint venture between bicycle manufacturers, brother Georges and Max Richard, and former Mors automobile designer Henri Brasier. They built their first car in 1901 as a Georges Richard, changing the name to Richard-Brasier only for Georges Richard to leave the company in 1904.


Founded in 1893 Georges Richard SA announced their first car (a belt-driven design not unlike the Mercedes of the day) in 1897 and followed this with a smaller vehicle based on the Belgian Vivinus design. When, in 1901, Brasier joined the company they set out to make larger and more modern cars with two or four-cylinder engines of advanced design. The drive from the front-mounted engine was through a leather-lined cone clutch to the gearbox via a shaft to the rear wheels.


The company also made a small single-cylinder Vivinus-engined ‘voiturette’ in 1903, sold in England as the ‘Pony Richard’


Lt. Col. Taylor’s letter to Shuttleworth adds: ‘…after having driven the old Brasier for many years over many miles, and more modern cars up to the present time my father always says that modern cars have only two improvements – self-starters and windscreen wipers’.


Our Richard-Brasier – first registered in 1908 – was the subject of a total restoration by Shuttleworth Vehicle Collection volunteers in 2020-21.


Manufacturer: Societe des Anciens ets Georges Richard, Ivry-Port, Seine
Model: Four to six seat limousine
Engine: 24hp Richard Brasier 4 cylinder 3.6 litre
Top Speed: 40 mph


This exhibit is part of the Richard Shuttleworth trail.

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