1917 RAF SE5a

The Collection’s exhibit

This aircraft was built by Wolseley Motors and issued to No 84 Squadron RAF in France in November 1918. It was in action on 10th November piloted by Major C E M Pickthorn MC, the squadron commander, when he successfully destroyed a Fokker DVII in the vicinity of Chimay in Belgium. Post war the now surplus aircraft was bought, with others, by Major J C Savage for his skywriting business and, registered G-EBIA, used from 1924 to 1928 when it was put into store.

In 1955 it was recovered from storage in the roof of the Armstrong Whitworth flight shed at Baginton and restored for The Collection by staff and apprentices at RAE Farnborough, flying again in August 1959 fitted with a geared Hispano Suiza. When the crankshaft of this engine sheared in flight in 1975 the aircraft was rebuilt with a 200hp Wolseley Viper.

Extensively refurbished in 2007, the SE5a is now in displayed in the colours and markings of 84 Squadron.

shuttleworth_discovery_sqsmall It is one of the four aircraft featured in the Shuttleworth Discovery app



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