1918 Sopwith Camel

The Collection’s exhibit

This exhibit is the third and final aircraft built by Northern Aeroplane Workshops (NAW) in Batley, West Yorkshire for the Shuttleworth Collection, in an arrangement that’s lasted 40 years. The close association between NAW and Old Warden has resulted in earlier completion of the Sopwith Triplane and Bristol M.IC monoplane, also based here at Old Warden.

Building of the Camel started in 1995. Throughout the build suitable materials were sourced via Old Warden and the project was overseen by the Light Aircraft Association.

Work continued until the summer of 2013 and then, as the lease on the Batley workshop was due to expire, the aircraft was collected on 28th August that year and delivered to Old Warden for completion by the full-time engineers.

Final ground run tests on the engine were carried out on 24 August 2016, and on Thursday 18 May 2017 the Sopwith Camel successfully flew for the first time, in the hands of chief pilot Dodge Bailey.

Sopwith Camel engine run video clip.



1917 (2019, Sam Mendes). Digitally scanned, and engine sounds recorded.

Classic Aircraft (2019, October Films)

Sopwith Camel and Lincolnshire aircraft (2015, BBC Look North). With pilot Stu Goldspink, and Bob Richardson (Camel project, Northern Workshops).

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