1916 Sopwith Pup

The Collection’s exhibit

The last 10 Pups built by Sopwith in 1919 were converted to 2 seaters for civilian use and named Doves. In the mid-thirties Richard Shuttleworth found one, with the registration G-EBKY, being flown from a field at Kempston, west of Bedford, by Geoff Chamberlain. The aircraft had no Certificate of Airworthiness and so the owner was not interested in a legal sale. A deal was done to swap the Dove for an Avro 504K that Richard had recently found in Portsmouth. By being economical with the truth Richard straightened things out with the registration authorities and his team set about restoring the Dove to Pup configuration. The rebuild was completed by February 1938 and it joined the Blériot and Deperdussin in performing at RAeS garden parties and various other air displays.

In 2004/5 the aircraft was extensively refurbished in the colours of 9917, a Beardmore built aircraft which was fitted with Le Prieur Rockets when it served for a time on HMS Manxman, a seaplane carrier. It flies regularly during event season at The Collection.



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Sir Egbert Cadbury and the German Zeppelins (2014. BBC Inside Out West Midlands, Birmingham. Reporter/Producer Anthony Bartram). With presenter Richie Wood, and Mr Justin Cadbury the grandson of Air Commodore Sir Egbert Cadbury DSC, DFC

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