Sopwith Triplane

The Collection’s exhibit

This reproduction aircraft was built entirely by volunteer members of Northern Aeroplane Workshops to original plans and delivered to Old Warden in June 1990. On seeing the quality and accuracy of the workmanship Sir Thomas Sopwith declared it to be a late production aircraft rather than a replica (and he should have known!). It’s powered by an original Clerget 130hp rotary engine.

The aeroplane first flew on 10th April 1992 and, following a full testing programme, made its first public display appearance at Old Warden on 27th June 1992. It suffered a minor landing accident in 2014 and was repaired in our workshops during 2015.

On Monday 13 March 2017 the Sopwith Triplane underwent both engine run and successful test flights and has returned to the 2017 display line-up.



IWM (2014) – engine audio recorded

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