Keeping you safe at this time – our COVID security measures. 

The safety of our visitors, volunteers, and staff is paramount in these uncertain times. This is what we are doing to make sure your visit is COVID-secure:



  • We are offering 55 acres of gardens, parkland, and airfield viewing paddocks for a maximum of 1000 visitors. That’s 250m2per person – about the footprint of a 4 bedroom house each.
  • The Shuttleworth Collection’s six main hangars are open, the engineering workshop remains closed. Please observe the directional arrows.
  • Spaces that remain closed are the outdoor playground, the visitor centre, gift shop, restaurant, the Swiss Garden’s Grotto and Swiss Cottage.
  • We have created 4metre car parking spaces to that visitors can ensure they have room to socially distance from other users.


  • We have trained all our staff and stewards on appropriate social distancing and COVID-security measures.
  • We are reminding all visitors on entry that they must not enter the site if they feel unwell, have COVID-19 or are living with anyone with symptoms.
  • All our staff are having a daily temperature check when they arrive at work to ensure they are not exhibiting any symptoms they have not yet identified.
  • All our staff will carry a personal supply of hand sanitiser, in addition to regularly washing their hands.

Cleaning and hygiene

  • We have brought in more toilet facilities to replace those that cannot be socially distanced.
  • Two cleaners will be moving through them at all times to keep them clean.
  • All potential touchpoints will have hand sanitizer at them, so if you do find yourself touching a surface, you are never far away from the ability to sanitise.
  • Stewards will be on hand to sanitise picnic tables when they have been used.
  • We are asking you to bring a contactless payment card for your admission and any other payments.
  • Signage will remind visitors and staff to wash their hands appropriately and as frequently as possible.
  • All our bins will be emptied regularly throughout the day.

Social distancing

  • We have checked all our paths and spaces and closed any place where we cannot keep you safely socially distanced.
  • Any areas where queues could build up with have appropriate social distancing marked out.
  • Stewards will be on hand to suggest alternative facilities so you don’t have to queue.
  • Signage will remind people to keep their social distance.
  • In certain areas, stewards will be on hand to ensure people are able to socially distance.

Personal protective equipment

  • All our stewards will be equipped with gloves for any transactions.
  • Our customer-facing stewards will be wearing visors as a portable screen.
  • Some of our staff may be wearing face masks where it makes them feel more comfortable.
  • Our staff will wear recommended PPE for all first aid incidents.
  • Anyone needing first aid will be asked to first don a face mask where this is practicable.

Suppliers and consumables

  • Our catering suppliers have all submitted a specific COVID-security method statement and will be operating within our COVID-security guidance.
  • All our facilities and catering suppliers have been sourced from the local area.
  • We are not offering receipts for entry tickets unless specifically requested.
  • We are not offering any feedback forms to fill in. If you have comments, please do tell one of our staff to be recorded at the end of day briefing.

Your responsibilities

If you are visiting our site, we ask you to:

  • Stay 2 metres away from any of our stewards while you talk to them
  • Bring your own sanitiser and PPE where you can
  • Bring your own food and drink where you can
  • Take your own rubbish home where you can
  • Step onto the grass and off paths and roads within our site to allow social distancing if you are passing someone
  • Adhere to our social distancing notices and markings
  • Stay at home if you are feeling unwell, are isolating due to a contact trace, or have Covid-19. If you have already bought an advance ticket, call us before 11 on the day of your ticket for a transfer to another day.
  • If you become unwell on-site then please seek help/inform a member of staff or steward, they will call a first aider who will give you a face mask and assist you to safely leave the site.
  • Please be kind and considerate to our staff, volunteers and other visitors and follow these rules/advice.
  • We will ask everyone to supply some basic details for NHS Test and Trace. We encourage all our visitors to participate in this national effort to contain the virus. Your details will be stored for 21 days and supplied to NHS Test and Trace on demand.  You can opt-out of this by emailing us at