Dorothy Shuttleworth

7th July 1879 – 5th October 1968

Dorothy Shuttleworth nee Lang was born during the late Victorian era. A woman of vision and strength, she survived widowhood and the tragic loss of her beloved son Richard when he was just 31.

Married at St Leonards Church, for over three-quarters of a century her life was centred around Old Warden village and The House here in Old Warden Park. She nursed injured soldiers for the Red Cross during both wars, loved nature and what’s now called ‘organic’ farming, and cycled daily for many years.

Dorothy shaped the future of Shuttleworth as an educational Trust in memory of Richard. A passionate racing driver and aviator, he died in 1940 flying a Fairey Battle during a night training exercise.

Her plans to open a college at Old Warden Park were realised in the Spring of 1946, and in 1963 Dorothy was awarded the OBE for her work of founding the charitable Richard Ormonde Shuttleworth Remembrance Trust (ROSRT).

Dorothy oversaw The Shuttleworth Collection’s opening to the public as a visitor attraction and vintage airshow venue in the early 1960s. She remained at the heart of Shuttleworth, until her death at Old Warden after a short illness on 5th October 1968 at the age of 89.

Without Dorothy Shuttleworth’s commitment to preserving The Collection, The Swiss Garden and The House to be enjoyed by future generations we would not be here today. She lived most of her life here in The House, and her vision and legacy remain vibrant today.