July Online Airshow

Sunday 5 July 2020


Video is full HD 1080p.

Are you ready for another Shuttleworth Collection virtual airshow?

This is our second online airshow, planned to coincide with what would have been the third Sunday show of the season on 5 July.

With a theme of “Treasured Moments at Old Warden” this online airshow features some memorable visiting display items over the years, including aircraft no longer flying in the UK, or at all. Highlights include the Fiesler Storch, Albatros D.Va, eGo, Optica, Dragonfly, and the last public display for the Avro Vulcan XH558.

Bringing back the magic feeling of Shuttleworth airshows in two formats: online and as a ‘Drive-in’ experience, visitors can look forward to an aviation filled July that should brighten up the Summer!

The Bonus feature is a Pilot’s Eye View of Chief Pilot Paul Stone flying the Bristol Boxkite.

Featured Content

Images ©Darren Harbar darrenharbar.co.uk

Words and VoiceOver: Seb Sherburn at Warbird Tails

Virtual display programme:

Fieseler Storch
eGo | Optica
Miles Magisters x4
Hawker Hind | Hawker Demon
Albatros DVa
Leopard Moth | Hawker Tomtit
Miles Messenger | Miles Gemini
Spitfire Vc AR501
DH88 Comet | Mew Gulls x2
Westland Wasp | Bell Huey
Westland Lysander
Kite Glider Dual Tow
Hawker Demon | Hawker Nimrod x2
Bearcat | Wildcat
P51D Mustang | B17 Sally B
Avro Triplane | Bristol Boxkite
SE5a | Sopwith Dove | Bristol F2b | Sopwith Snipe
DH88 Comet | Dragon Rapide | Dragonfly
Gloster Gladiator
Spartan Executive
DH60 | DH60X | Southern Martlet
Hurricanes x3 – Sea | P3717 | R4118
Hawker Cygnets x2 | ANEC II | Aeronca
Avro Vulcan XH558 Last public display


This online airshow is available to watch from Sunday 5 July 2020. It is available for just £5 or £10 – you choose the price you are happy to pay. Once purchased, this airshow will be available for two months. The links will available from this webpage from 8.00 on Sunday 5 July.

Running time: 2 hours, 11 mins, plus bonus material.

This airshow will be available to watch through the Vimeo platform. The Shuttleworth Veteran Aeroplane Society is also running an appeal for The Collection.

LINK to AIRSHOW: Buttons below, airshow available to download from 8.00 on Sunday 5 July.

Please be aware that although the proceeds will be received by Shuttleworth, payment is made through an external third-party, please read all relevant terms and conditions.