Spitfire Photography Day

Monday 7 September 2020

PHOTOGRAPHY [Hosted by Darren Harbar]

This photography day is designed for those who are already competent with a camera, but it can equally be fun for entry-level users and can be fun for compact camera owners too. There are no difficult photographic challenges during the day, just lots of specially set up opportunities to capture images you just won’t get anywhere else.

The day is themed around The Shuttleworth Collection genuine Supermarine Spitfire Mk V (AR501), and you spend the entire day getting up close and personal to this historic airframe. Darren Harbar ensures that you get some fantastic photographic opportunities by managing the access to allow all attendees to get a wide range of images, including period re-enactors to pose with the aircraft.

You need not even have a camera to enjoy this day, as you get up close and personal to the aircraft and so long as you are within weigh limitations and can access the aircraft unaided, then you get to sit in the cockpit as part of your day! There’s even a talk by a current Spitfire pilot and a presentation on this particular aircraft’s fascinating WWII history. The ultimate day for fans of the Supermarine Spitfire, and you even get lunch supplied!

What to Expect

  • Up close and personal experience with a WWII Supermarine Spitfire
  • Sit in the cockpit (subject to weight and self-manoeuvrability)
  • Special photographic scenes, set with natural backgrounds
  • Presentation on aircraft’s history
  • Period re-enactor to pose for portraits
  • On hand professional advice along with hints and tips throughout the day
  • Meet a Spitfire pilot
  • Arrival drinks and lunch supplied

Is this workshop for you?

Any photographer who wants a close-up day with this genuine WWII Spitfire, and unique photographic opportunities will benefit from this workshop. Bring you and your camera – it’s as simple as that!

Event Timings

10:00 – Arrival, Welcome and Introduction
12:00 – Lunch*
12:45 – Sit in Experience/Pilot Chat & Open Photo Session
16:00 – Q&A Session
16:30 – Workshop Finishes

*Please inform us of your special dietary requirements no later than 7 days before your visit via events@shuttleworth.org

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