Shuttleworth Families

To keep our young visitors entertained during this difficult period please feel free to make use of these resources, and please do let us know your favourites.

Colouring Sheets

Click the name to download each PDF.

Shuttleworth Collection aircraft:

Sopwith Camel

Sopwith Pup

Hawker Hurricane

Polikarpov PO2

Supermarine Spitfire

Dotty & Joe: Bleriot © Kevin Panter (“Dotty & Joe”)

Dotty & Joe: Avrotriplane © Kevin Panter (“Dotty & Joe”)

Dotty & Joe: Desoutter © Kevin Panter (“Dotty & Joe”)

Dotty & Joe: Sea Hurricane © Kevin Panter (“Dotty & Joe”)

Shuttleworth Collection vehicles:

Dotty & Joe: Jowet and Topolino © Kevin Panter (“Dotty & Joe”)

Dotty & Joe: Peugeot © Kevin Panter (“Dotty & Joe”)



Flower loving bee


Kids at Home (Art competition)

Kids at Home – Aviation Art Competition





Paper Aeroplanes





As our aircraft are confined to the hangars for now, we are making paper aeroplanes instead. We’d love to see pictures of your own paper aeroplanes, or even video of them in flight

If we get enough pics posted we’ll print them out and exhibit them at the Family Airshow, and in the restaurant during the Summer holidays. Best looking aircraft, and aircraft that flies best will be subject to popular vote – winner to receive cake and a drink. No age limit on entries #paperaeroplanesarefun

Post entries to Shuttleworth Kids Facebook page!