Crommie (2020) Dir. Terry Turner

1917 (2019) Dir. Sam Mendes. Digitally scanned, and engine sounds recorded.

Brothers of War (2009) Dir. Jerry Buteyn

Flyboys (2006) Dir. Tony Bill

Pearl Harbour (2001) Dir. Michael Bay

Battle of Britain (1969, Dir Guy Hamilton)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) Dir. Ken Hughes

You only live twice (1966) Dir. Lewis Gilbert)

Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines (1965) Dir Ken Annakin

Reach for the Sky (1956) Dir. Lewis Gilbert


Plane Resurrection: Series 3 (2019, Nik Coleman TV)

Classic Aircraft (2019, October Films)

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip (2019, STV)

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces (2019, Plum Pictures for Channel 4) Piece on pilot Scott Butler

Drain the Oceans (2019, MALLINSON SADLER PRODUCTIONS. Dir: Peter Guest) Series 2

Victorian Sensations (2019, BBC4) The British Broadcasting Corporation and Academy7 Productions

RAF at 100 with Ewan and Colin McGregor (2018, Lion TV: Harvey Lilley), with Ewan McGregor and Colin McGregor

Flying Across Britain with Arthur Williams (2018, Reef Television) with Arthur Williams

David Jason’s Secret Service (2017, October Films for More 4. Episode 2 of 3), with David Jasonwatch a clip

Scotland from the Sky (2017, BBC Scotland. Helen Straine, Production Manager) Presenter James Crawford

Invention (2017. Yorkshire regional television, Paul Bader. Screenhouse Productions)

The Marvellous World of Roald Dahl (2016, BBC. Dir Andrew Thompson)

100 Year Old Drivers Rebooted (2016, RDF Television)

Great British Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo (2016, BBC 2) Season 8 Episode 2

Harry Ferguson’s aircraft (2016, BBC NI)

Mr Selfridge (2015, ITV drama) Season 2, Episode 8. Darin McLeod Location manager

Historical Women Aviators (2015, Shrinking World Media)

Defenders of the Sky: The Great British Airfield (2015, Woodcut Media). STATIC ONLY

Sopwith Camel and Lincolnshire aircraft (2015, BBC Look North). With pilot Stu Goldspink, and Bob Richardson (Camel project, Northern Workshops).

Heir Hunters (2015, BBC)

WW1 Uncut: Combat in the Skies (2014: Dir Nathan Williams Ballista Media) with Dan Snow

Tony Robinsons World War 1 (2014. Renegade Pictures, Alex Winterbotham) with Tony Robinson STATIC ONLY

Don’t Tell the Bride (2014, Renegade Pictures)

Sir Egbert Cadbury and the German Zeppelins (2014. BBC Inside Out West Midlands, Birmingham. Reporter/Producer Anthony Bartram). With presenter Richie Wood, and Mr Justin Cadbury the grandson of Air Commodore Sir Egbert Cadbury DSC, DFC

WWI Aviation (2014, BBC Northern Ireland. Dir Graham Cooper) with Martin Shaw

The One Show (2014, BBC One. Dir/Producer Matt Callaghan) “Bill Lancaster” with Ruth Goodman

Tiger versus Tiger (2014, Geek Media. Tom Woodrow). Touring motorcycles Web TV channel.

D-Day 70th (2014, BBC D-Day Team, Tim Fransham – Reporter/Producer)

Time Team Special 45 – Boudica’s Lost Tribe (2011, CH4) Presenter Tony Robinson. 48:18 – Youtube link below to the Epsiode.

Timewatch – WWI Aces Falling (2008, BBC) S30, Episode 5. 41:10 – Youtube link below to the Epsiode.

Top Gear (BBC). Presenter Vicki Butler-Henderson

The Cazalets (2001, BBC)

What the Victorians Did for Us – Making it Big (2001, BBC) 19:34 Link to Youtube Clip below. Presenter Adam Hart-Davis.

Robbie Coltrane’s Plane’s & Automobiles – The Jet Engine Part (1997, C4). 1:59 Link to Youtube Clip below. Presenter Robbie Coltrane.

The Magic Grandad (1993, CBBC)

Wings (1977, BBC)






[Image of ‘Mr Selfridge’ – copyright ITV]

[Image of ‘WWI Aviation‘]

[Image of ‘David Jason’s Secret Service‘]

[Image of ‘The One Show‘]


Bentley Motors Group (2017)

Burberry Heritage Film (2016)

Belstaff Films and Liv Tyler present “Falling Up” (2016. Advert. A+ // Academy Films. Dir Niall O’Brien)

British Airways advert (2011)


“Author takes WW1 flying accuracy to new heights” (2019, ITV Anglia news. Claire McGlasson)

Children’s banners of remembrance go on display” (2018, ITV Anglia news. Claire McGlasson)


Film Festival Romantic Short (2018 Love Cabin Productions)



IWM (2014) – engine audio recorded