A Scurry of Chipmunks Evening Drive-in Display: Aircraft Line-up

Our anticipated aircraft line-up for the June Evening Airshow (Saturday 19 June 2021) is as listed below.

All aircraft subject to serviceability and weather conditions on the day.



de Havilland Chipmunk – Supermunk (Richard Ellingworth)
de Havilland Chipmunk (Simon Tilling)
de Havilland Chipmunk (Peter McMillan)
de Havilland Tiger Moth (Tim Orchard)
de Havilland Tiger Moth (Clive Ponsford)
de Havilland Chipmunk x4 (Red Sparrows Display Team)
de Havilland Chipmunk x2 (Vintage Pair)
de Havilland Fox Moth (Mark Miller)
de Havilland Leopard Moth (Martin Slack)
de Havilland Moth Major (Nigel Lemon)
de Havilland Queen Bee (Peter Finch)
de Havilland Chipmunk (Philip Winterbottom) Static Only
de Havilland Chipmunk (Henlow Chipmunk Group) Static Only
de Havilland Chipmunk (Bernoulli Syndicate) Static Only
de Havilland Puss Moth (Henry Labouchere)
Supermarine Spitfire (Battle of Britain Memorial Flight)
Hawker Hurricane (Battle of Britain Memorial Flight)
Miles Gemini (Stuart Blanchard)
Miles Magister (David Bramwell)

Avro Tutor
Southern Martlet
Schneider SF38 (EoN Primary)
Sopwith Camel
Sopwith Triplane
Supermarine Spitfire Vc
Percival Provost
de Havilland Chipmunk
de Havilland Tiger Moth
Miles Magister
Hawker Cygnet
Westland Lysander
Gloster Gladiator
Sopwith Pup
Bristol F.2b Fighter
de Havilland Comet
Percival Mew Gull
Miles Hawk Speed Six
English Electric Wren
Edwardians*: Bristol Boxkite, Bleriot XI, Avro Triplane, Deperdussin

*Weather permitting


Aircraft to be added as and when full display line-up is confirmed.