Leaving a legacy or Donation

We understand that when it comes to your will, your family and loved ones must come first. But once you have cared for them, can you help our work live on. Shuttleworth is enormously grateful for every donation received regardless of its value. Each person who supports the Collection becomes part of our unique history and, more importantly, our future. Shuttleworth is an independent collection and a registered charity that does not receive any funding from Government or local authority.

The different types of legacy include:

  • Residuary legacy
  • Pecuniary legacy
  • Specific legacy
  • Reversionary legacy

Can I avoid Inheritance Tax?

Leaving charitable gifts in your Will can certainly help you to reduce the value of your estate liable for Inheritance Tax. The current taxable threshold stands at £325,000. Above this amount, subject to certain provisions and exemptions, everything can be taxed at a rate of 40%. Charitable gifts are tax exempt, and so by leaving a gift to the Shuttleworth Collection, you could reduce the amount of tax paid after your death.

This is something I may be interested in, what’s the next step?

Download our legacy leaflet, or get in touch to talk further about this with Andrew Rutt.

Email: andrew.rutt@shuttleworth.org

Call: 01767 627979

Postal address: Shuttleworth Trust, Old Warden Aerodrome, Beds, SG18 9EP