C&S at Great Dorset Steam Fair

A key theme for this year’s Great Dorset Steam Fair was the ‘City of Lincoln’ arena, and with Clayton & Shuttleworth a key player in the city’s history it provided the perfect venue to display many of The Collection’s heritage exhibits, and to talk to visitors about The Shuttleworth Collection, Swiss Garden and The House.

Our Clayton & Shuttleworth Heritage team (all volunteers), put in many hours of work within a short timeframe to ensure a key piece, an 1890’s ‘Hayes’ Patent’ Straw Elevator, was ready to make its debut in fully restored condition.

This form of elevator is arranged to take up the short straw and cavings with the long straw. It is made for straight delivery only, and was available in four sizes, namely 18ft, 20ft, 22ft and 24ft. It was a very successful design and was awarded a prize by the Royal Agricultural Society. It was purchased by the Shuttleworth Trust in about 2006 and displayed in its unrestored state (shown above) at our airshows and the Bedfordshire County Steam Fair.

Clayton & Shuttleworth exhibits on display from The Collection included:

Our young heritage team volunteers (Steam Apprentice club members) took the opportunity to drive Dorothy within the central arena as part of the Clayton & Shuttleworth engines line-up!