Clayton & Shuttleworth Chaff cutter restoration project

SVAS volunteers and Collection engineers have been working hard to restore a Clayton & Shuttleworth built chaff cutter.

Over the past few months there have been repairs to the wooden frame and paint removal from the metal castings and wooden body. The postcard shows the approximate colours that have been found underneath the salmon pink sprayed on topcoat and the colours we are using are colour matched to the actual colours found. The general rule being followed is that the green/blue will be painted on the inside surfaces and the mechanism, with a burgundy being used for the rest.

There is still a significant amount of paint to remove in hard to get at places but today the first coat of top coat was applied to the grey primer in the area of the feed mechanism, which will be the first bit to have the workings put back in after restoration.

Congratulations to all those involved with the project for all their hard work so far, and take a look at just how much has been achieved at the Engineering Open Weekend next month!