Dixie returns to flight

On Monday 13 March 2017 The Shuttleworth Collection’s Sopwith Triplane underwent both engine run and successful test flights after almost three years under restoration. A problem on landing at the 2014 Military Pageant airshow caused some significant damage to the upper wings, engine and wheels, resulting in the work being carried out to restore it to airworthiness.

The aircraft has had a complete recovering of the airframe, and repaint to the same scheme for N6920 ‘Dixie’. Both upper wings and port lower wing have been repaired and a strut has been replaced, new undercarriage and wheels fitted, along with a new propeller, and a full engine rebuild carried out.

Chief pilot Dodge Bailey engine ran the Triplane, then took the aircraft up for test flights. Further flight tests will be carried out, successful completion of which should lead to the aircraft re-joining the flying programme for the 2017 season.

Image Copyright – Darren Harbar Photography