The Shuttleworth Collection and IPMS Brampton have been officially confirmed as Guinness World Record Title Holders for ‘The Most People Constructing Aircraft Models’ after the event held last November.

The record was previously held by the RAF Museum for 250 models, a record that has been smashed with 369 Airfix models built at The Collection as a community challenge that took place on Sunday 20 November 2016.

The Collection, known for its own unique vintage flying aircraft, teamed up with event organisers IPMS Brampton Scale Model Club who provided nearly 400 plastic WWI aircraft models in the form of 1/72 scale Albatros D.V free of charge courtesy of Airfix, the oldest UK manufacturer of scale plastic model kits.

The Shuttleworth Collection’s Communications & Marketing manager Ciara Harper said ‘Shuttleworth is delighted with the result. It wouldn’t have been possible without Alec and the IPMS Brampton Scale Model Club or Airfix who generously supplied the models, and it was a real community event with visitors of all ages involved including air cadets and scouts. Everyone had a lot of fun so we look forward to the next challenge!”

The challenge appealed to all ages from young first time model builders to seasoned grandparents who all enjoyed the opportunity to take part in the activity together. Alec Smith, of IPMS Brampton Scale Model Club said “a number of modellers brought their spouses along, and it was a real mix of girls and boys so the event was a huge success in more ways than even we had expected!”

The official certificate for the Guinness World Record for ‘The Most People Constructing Aircraft Models’ can be seen on display in Visitor Centre.

For more information on events featuring model making please visit or IPMS Brampton Club’s own website

[All images copyright Darren Harbar Photography]