London to Brighton 2019

Shuttleworth’s Panhard & Levassor completes its fifth London to Brighton Run, the fifth time it has entered this prestigious event.

The car completed the 64 miles drive, starting from London’s Hyde Park and finishing on Madeira Drive, Brighton, in a time of six hours and 20 minutes, virtually the same time as Richard took to complete the event with the car in 1928. This year’s run celebrates the introduction of the ‘Locomotives on the Highway Act’ of 1898 which raised the national speed limit from 4mph to 12mph.

The Panhard underwent restoration work carried out by the Shuttleworth Collection vehicle team, for which Shuttleworth gratefully received won the 2019 Harrods Heritage Award.

One of the founding vehicles in The Shuttleworth Collection, the Panhard was purchased by Richard Shuttleworth as a suitable vehicle for the London to Brighton run. The Collection contains the most vehicles eligible to enter the London to Brighton run in the UK.