‘Miss Kenya’ meets Mr Selfridge

ITV period drama ‘Mr Selfridge’ filmed on location at Shuttleworth as part of this season’s storyline. Our DH51 ‘Miss Kenya’, piloted by our chief pilot Dodge Bailey, took part in the filming, along with engineers from the Collection.

DH51 ‘Miss Kenya’ was originally air-freighted from Nairobi to Hatfield in 1965 and, later, was fully restored by Hawker Siddeley Aviation at Hawarden near Chester. The aircraft was flown to Old Warden in 1972 where she continues as the oldest de Havilland design still flying anywhere in the world.

In late 1987 DH51 was repainted, with some minor changes to ensure authenticity of detail, and remains a key exhibit in the de Havilland range of aircraft on display, and is expected to fly at some of our airshows this season.

Be sure to catch the latest ‘Mr Selfridge’ series on Sundays at 21.00 and look out for more sightings of Shuttleworth!