Aviation without Borders’ (AWB) Smiles in the skies – ‘National Fly Kids Day’ is in its second year across the UK. The Shuttleworth Collection was delighted to taking part this year in collaboration with AWB and their supporting partners Azure Flying Club and Hybrid Air Vehicles. The charity event hope to see around 60 children with special needs, or those facing illness or adversity, aged between 8-16 years old, flown from the Old Warden Airfield.

Enthusiastic volunteers helped on the ground on the day, including staff from the Collection, and also from Hybrid Air Vehicles who sponsored the event and provided some financial support to help fund the cost of fuel for the day.

Pilot Wayne Precious lead the pilots from Azure Flying Club, which has been in existence for over 30 years, formerly known as Britannia and Thomson Airways flying club. Following restructuring at Thomson Airways in 2010 Azure became an independent flying club, based at Cranfield Airport, with the motto “Our purpose is to provide safe and affordable flying.

Wayne said, “Being able to get kids involved in aviation has been our passion for many years. We as pilots and as a club appreciate how lucky we are to be able to fly and like many others have never forgotten the thrill of our very first flight. We are extremely fortunate and privileged to be able to provide this experience to younger aviators. The cost of the flight will be paid for by the Pilots which allows the children a free flying experience. The children will be taken on a short flight for an exciting perspective of the local area, and will receive a certificate of participation.”

Aviation without Borders and supporting partners used the hashtags #NFKD #Smilesintheskies on social media for those wanting to follow this event.