SVAS Photography Exhibition

As part of this year’s Engineering Open Workshop event (28 & 29 December 2018) the Shuttleworth Veteran Aircraft Association held a photography exhibition for members of the photo section. With SVAS members being at Shuttleworth events throughout the season, both as volunteers and visitors, there is so much opportunity to find interesting subject matter to photograph there was no shortage of entries with a total of 41 displayed.

Open to event visitors for both days, 311 people voted for their favourite picture. Paul Ferguson of the SVAS commented ‘it proved very popular with visitors and the 41 entries filled the wall space. For 2019 we will be looking at further space to extend the exhibition further.”

Head of Marketing & Communications, Ciara Harper said, “The SVAS supported the development of the Discovery Workshop through funding and volunteers actively undertaking projects to convert what was a hangar used for storage into a learning space. Being able to provide the use of the Discovery Workshop to host this type of exhibition is a great use of this space, and we look forward to many more exhibitions of this type.”

The winning entrant will be awarded the Ken Cates Trophy, which may be held for a period of nine months. A selection of entries including the winner will be published in Prop-Swing. For entries into the 2019 visit the SVAS website.