Official Guinness World Record attempt for ‘Most people constructing aircraft models’

We had 389 people attend of all ages including local scouts air cadets, and it was a real family event as everyone enthusiastically tried to help break the current Official Guinness World Record for ‘Most people constructing aircraft models’ at one time on Sunday 20 November here at The Shuttleworth Collection, Bedfordshire.

Alec Smith, of IPMS Brampton Scale Model Club said that the ‘challenge represented a chance to promote both the hobby of Scale Model making, commemorate and acknowledge the events from a century ago and help introduce and showcase the ‘living museum’ of Shuttleworth’.

The Collection, known for its own unique vintage flying aircraft, teamed up with event organisers IPMS Brampton Scale Model Club who provided almost 400 1/72 scale Albatros D.V plastic models free of charge courtesy of Airfix, the oldest UK manufacturer of scale plastic model kits. We’re waiting hopefully to see if Guinness world Records agree that we broke the record, and expect the results to be announced in the new year.

guinessrecord_image1  guinessrecord_image2

Images – Darren Harbar Photography