Pond Gate

North East in the garden

Entering the Swiss Garden through the Pond Gate you have the choice of following the path straight ahead or taking the right fork over one of two bridges. Going straight leads to features highlighted by wooden waymarkers, and are numbered on the Swiss Garden app. Some of these features are included on our beacon trail.

Lower Pond (No.1)

Is actually just outside the Swiss Garden. It’s the small pond behind the Swiss Garden board and is home to small frogs.

Middle Pond (No.2)

Find Dafodill Island here, famous for its coverage of this popular flower during the Spring months. The view across the middle pond from the path offers up a photogenic sight of the Indian Kiosk.

Dog Cemetery (No.3 & beacon)

The Shuttleworth Family dogs were a very important part life for the Shuttleworths, who wanted the memory of their beloved dogs to live on within the sanctuary of the Swiss Garden. It is believed that the colour of the headstones was matched closely to the colour of the dogs’ coats, though passing time and the elements have dulled the original effect.

The dog cemetery was established in 1887 and was in use until 1935.

Pond Cascade Bridge (No.4)

This bridge is popular with wedding photographers. In the Ongley era there were large stepping stones here but as fashions changed the Shuttleworths added this bridge. The blue colour identifies it as a later addition to the Swiss Garden. It has Rose arches either side, and water cascades through the Pulhamite rocks beneath it.

Moat Bridge (No.30)

Peninsula Island (No.6)