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Aer0camp 21 at Shuttleworth

Aer0camp is ‘Aeroschool on wheels’ for ages 11-14

Join us for our inaugural event at Shuttleworth Trust Old Warden UK 28th 29th and 30th July where we shall be partnering with Time & Space Learning Community to provide a unique blend of kinaesthetic and interactive learning for budding engineers and lovers of things with wings and wheels.

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Places are limited to 20 at our 2021 event as we explore this unique context with the ever present possibility of lockdowns. Our tour bus has two large awnings to maximise on appropriate distancing for this truly educational event. However we are subject to National Laws and guidance and the Museum’s own policies.

Course Content

To full access of Shuttlesworth’s rich collection of working historical machines we bring our state of the art CAD CAM facility and aspects of our Aer0school curriculum. For this event this will facilitate rapid making of model planes based on exhibits in the collection. Participants will be able to create multiple versions of their designs to iteratively test, refine and compete in various challenges. We shall be using computers, a Laser Cutter, manual cutting tools and cool melt glue guns with appropriate supervision. Participants will test their flying machines in the open air in a sheltered spot so please be prepared for the weather and bring a packed lunch!! We have a variety of lunchtime activities including flight simulators and our own STEM board games.

Educational Values

We are aware of the hazards of ‘competition’ in education to which some participants might be sensitive. The fear of  failure, frustrations with things that don’t go right . . so we resist the temptation to establish hierarchies of performance in the developmental stages of a design. “Mistakes are good!”. However, where the aim is to compete incrementally we provide strategies that are as ‘fair’ as possible in the circumstances to isolate variables and test specific principles. Where participants wish to compete their concepts against one another we offer prizes in the form of our own bespoke trophies and tickets to future events at Shuttleworth. Teamwork is central to collaborative design and part of the course will provide opportunities for teamwork. In these cases participants do not always get to ‘take home’ their work particularly where it is constructed of our reusable kits. Power trains can be purchased from our website.

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