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Aviation Photography Workshops

The Darren Harbar Photography workshops are designed to help clients get more from their DSLR or CSC cameras. They are not suited to compact camera users, as you need a camera that allows manual control of shutter and aperture. As a basic rule of thumb, if your camera has interchangeable lenses, then it’s likely to be what you need for a workshop.

The specialist themes attract a wide range of photographers, but each workshop always covers the basics of how to use the camera settings. For some, this is an escape from using auto settings, and for others, it’s a useful refresher of the basics. Each workshop includes an initial theory session before the rest of the day is used for practical instruction. Lunch is always provided at the chosen venue, and there’s a great deal of unique opportunities organised during the workshop that will ensure you have plenty of value for money.

This workshop is hosted by Shuttleworth with its timeless grass airfield providing superb photographic opportunities. Your day starts with a theory presentation on how best to use your camera settings. This is followed by some time in the hangars where you get to practice some photography with more challenging lighting and learn how to manage the camera settings in a museum environment. After lunch, you’ll head onto the airfield where you’ll get further instruction on how to photograph a classic aircraft in a very natural setting and there will be a period dressed re-enactor on site to pose for some portraits. If the weather permits, we’ll be looking to theme our static aircraft to a WWI subject. The last part of the day is more challenging as you learn the technique of photographing a moving subject above you in the sky. The day covers the most likely scenarios you’ll wish to picture an aircraft and will leave you set to tackle the next airshow with confidence. The event is limited to 22 people, which ensures it remains a personal day and allows everyone to get the access they desire. Social distancing rules will apply at all times.

What to expect

  • Theory session on camera skills/settings
  • Practical session on low light photography
  • Practical session on static aircraft photography
  • Practical re-enactor session with WWI* aircraft for portraits
  • Practical flying subject for action images
  • Arrival tea/coffee and lunch included

*Actual aircraft and theme may be dictated by weather

*Please inform us of your special dietary requirements no later than 7 days before your visit by emailing events@shuttleworth.org

Who is it for?

Any photographer who wants to learn how best to use a DSLR or Mirrorless/CSC camera out of auto modes and be more creative. The workshop caters for anyone from beginners through to enthusiasts.

What you’ll need?

  • A camera that offers removable lenses and manual control – Digital Single Lens Reflex camera (DSLR) or Mirrorless/Compact System Camera (CSC).
  • Sufficient battery power to keep your camera running all day
  • Memory cards with sufficient space to capture lots of images
  • Suitable clothing to be on a grass airfield

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