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Talks Programme

2022 sees the launch of a new lunchtime talks programme at Shuttleworth.

Each week, we will specialise in an area of Shuttleworth’s activities that will be of interest to generalists as well as those with a special interest in our areas of expertise.

Wednesday 26th January: Warden at War

Old Warden is a typical small rural village embedded in the Bedfordshire countryside. It has little to distinguish it from many others throughout Britain. So far as I have been able to tell it has never featured prominently in any war and was never on a front line. Nevertheless, it has an interesting and sometimes intriguing tale to tell and I think it has probably punched above its weight at times, notably during World War II. Why don’t you join me and see if you agree with me that Old Warden at War is a story well worth the telling.

Wednesday 9th February:  Don Albone meets Colonel & Mrs Shuttleworth

Dan Albone. was an important figure in cycling during the 1880s and 1890s, not only as a rider, but also as an inventor, ‘Ivel’ cycle manufacturer, and also as someone famous for providing hospitality for cyclists. He was not a major manufacturer but his influence was profound, working with A. J. (Faed) Wilson and G. P. Mills. He was also a great character and an important public figure in Biggleswade. He was instrumental in the development of the “hands-off” safety bicycle, the first practical lady’s bicycle, the tandem bicycle, as well as the Ivel Motor Car, Ivel Motor Bicycle, and the Ivel Agricultural Motor (tractor). A replica of his Ivel Cycle Works has been constructed in the Shuttleworth Collection.

This talk will also include some exhibits.

Wednesday 16th February: Keeping 110 year old Aircraft Airworthy Today.

Three of the Collection’s airworthy aircraft will be 110 years old or older this year! With another two reproductions whose original designs are also from the Edwardian period.

What does it take to keep these ancient aircraft flying today?

A short presentation will be followed by an open Q&A session with the Collection’s Head of Engineering.

This is your chance to find out:

  • How do we preserve the skills required to maintain, repair and rebuild aircraft from another era?
  • What materials are they made from?
  • How do we get spares?
  • How do we certify as airworthy an aircraft designed before any airworthiness standards were even established!
  • How do we operate these aircraft today?
  • Who flies them?

And more…..

Wednesday 23rd February:  Swiss Garden: Restoration of a Regency Gem

This engaging presentation covers the 200-year history of the Swiss Garden from its creation by Lord Ongley and through its various changes and restorations by the Shuttleworth family and others up to the present day.

Learn about the garden’s design, its collection of fascinating follies and artefacts, and how the garden is managed today as part of the Shuttleworth visitor attraction.

A full list of this years talks can be found here.


Ticket pricing:

Your admission ticket also includes 30 day access to the Visitor Attraction from the date of the talk.

This includes full access to the Collection, Swiss Garden, Runway Cafe, Shop and Parkland on non-event days.

Shuttleworth House is only open on selected days. Please see the events page for dates.